Fred Rogers Series – First Pastoral Prayer

Hello, Neighbor-Maker,

Hello, Friend of Us All,


We come to worship and make plain our feelings before you.

Perhaps in sharing them with you we will find the courage needed to be honest with ourselves and those with whom we sit in this room.

Some of us are sad.

Some of us are angry.

Some of us are afraid.

Puerto Rico with the aftermath of earthquake.

Separation of children from their parents.

Rampant addiction and a society that

views it as a matter of choice rather than disease.

In each disaster, both natural and made by our hands,

comes the quote of Mr. Rogers. When he was young and scared,

his mother told him to “look for the helpers.”

We look for the helpers.

And for a moment we know relief.

Then the flood of more terrible news:

lack of clean, drinkable water -still- in more than one American city

infants cared for by adolescents in immigrant camps,

people aging in their homes without sufficient

access to transportation, medicine or food.

As we look for the helpers, move us toward the mirror.

Help us see in the reflection a child

loved by you, intrinsically lovable, and capable of loving.

Help us name our emotions and be brave enough to act on them

in constructive, compassionate ways.

It is each of us,

so beautifully and wonderfully made,

that can be a helper, too.


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