A Prayer – Going Back to School

Hi Bethany family,

This week students in Tulsa and across the country headed to school. Whether PreK or Senior year, and all in between, each child in our country deserves an excellent education in a safe, loving environment. Too often, though, gun violence continues to enter schools, workplaces, and public places. Join me in prayer for every student, parent, caretaker, teach and administrator, that they will be able to focus on what matters – learning.
-Pastor Kelli
Great Teacher and Loving Creator,
We see the flashing lights again, alerting us to school zones and asking us to slow down our cars.
May they also remind us to slow down our hearts and offer them to you in prayer.
We pray for each child, those who are eager to learn and those who have lost the joy of it.
We pray for each parent and caretaker, those who are sad for the summer’s end and those who are happy for the new school year.
We pray for each teacher, those who feel equipped and ready and those whose classrooms do not have the necessary supplies.
We pray for each administrator, those who see the potential of every child and those who are struggling to get it all done.
We pray for each support staff person, those who are familiar faces to returning students and those who are still learning which teacher goes with which grade.
We pray for each crossing guard, each bus driver, and each school resource police officer and security professional.
All in our schools should have safety and nourishment of body and mind.
Make us vigilant in pressuring politicians to ensure both safety and nourishment, enacting legislation that protects and fully funds our most vital public good – public education.
We pray this with assurance in you, in your ways of loving accountability and your grace-filled call to co-create a world that reflects your reign.