Call to Worship – When you give a banquet.

One: Our appetites are insatiable.

Many: We are hungry.

One: Our world wants us to fill ourselves to the brim, taking all we can find for ourselves – and only ourselves.

Many: God offers enough for today.

One: God’s providing means there is always enough.

Many: For today. For tomorrow. For you. For me. For all creation. One day and one act of sharing at a time.

All: Help us, Jesus, remember what it means to give a banquet that honors God’s providence. Amen.

Need – A Call to Worship

One: I come here in need.

Many: We come here in need.

One: We need rest. We need nourishment.

Many: We need to pray. We need to see God before us.

One: We need to practice the ways of Jesus.

Many: We need each other to be bearers of Love’s spirit and sharers of  abounding Grace.

One: Our needs are met here when see ourselves and each other as God does:

Many: Ones who are both lovable and loving, filled with holy capacity to do God’s work in the world. Amen.